"Drought comes up anything but dry." - Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle (Drought)
"Quite a few women have traveled the roads paved by Lucinda Williams, seldom do they get to the heart of the matter like Christy Hays." -Jim Caligiuri, The Austin Chronicle
"O' Montana (is) simply lovely." - Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Austins

"There’s seriousness, intensity and a level of artistry to her songs and her live performances." - Bozeman Magazine
"Polished like knotted floorboards worn smooth by decades of boot heels..." - Bucket Full of Nails
"Folk shuffles and country twinges pang alongside Hays' acoustic plucking and a voice that effortlessly wavers between effervescence and quiet longing." - Zach Schepis, NYC Break Thru Radio


Raised in small farm town in Illinois, Christy Hays likes a wide sky. A writer since the age of 14, she has cultivated many stories. After college Christy spent the bulk of her 20's in a small fishing community in rural Alaska. The solitude of the wilderness was a perfect catalyst to a deepening love for songwriting. In 2009 Hays moved to Nashville, TN where she released her first self titled collection of songs. Ever restless, she uprooted and two years later and landed in Austin, TX. In 2012 Hays record her second full length album 'Drought' with the help of producer, Roy Taylor. Time passed and after substantial touring and local live performance, Hays teamed up with local Austin analog lover, Doug Walseth of Cats Eye Studio in the summer of 2014. In December of 2014 Hays' acclaimed solo effort, 'O' Montana' was released.


After years of working with guitarist Lauren Gurgiolo (Okkerville River), Hays brought in bassist Geena Spigarelli (My Jerusalem) and drummer Andrew Gerfers (Paula Nelson) to create the band Caliche. Caliche is a psych americana rock band, a departure from the alt country folk sound Hays has been performing over the years. They are releasing a self titled follow up EP to 'O' Montnana' May 2015. Hays' long term goals include a vinyl split for EP's 'O' Montana' and 'Caliche', slated to be released fall of 2015.