“The singer works with a novelistic intensity in songs that slowly reveal their beauty, never hurrying the portraits that become full lives.”

– Doug Freeman
The Austin Chronicle
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“With heartfelt lyrics and warm folk vibes, her new album is a dream.”

– Gab Soong
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“Her beautiful voice, craggy but booming resembles that of Shovels and Rope Cary Ann Hearst… straight ahead alt-country style with small town signifiers…”

– Columbia Free Times.

“Local country folk singer and songwriter, gifted in vivid lyrical portrayals…”

– Kevin Curtain
The Austin Chronicle
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“She comes from that Lucinda Williams place of mournful poems that flow like molasses over old scars and fresh wounds, looking for the sunshine but frequently ending up in darkness.”

– Houston Free Press

“Drought comes up anything but dry.”

– Margaret Moser,
The Austin Chronicle (Drought)
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“Quite a few women have traveled the roads paved by Lucinda Williams, seldom do they get to the heart of the matter like Christy Hays.”

– Jim Caligiuri,
The Austin Chronicle
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“O’ Montana (is) simply lovely.”

– Laurie Gallardo,
KUTX Austins

“There’s seriousness, intensity and a level of artistry to her songs and her live performances.”

– Bozeman Magazine
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“Polished like knotted floorboards worn smooth by decades of boot heels…”

– Bucket Full of Nails
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“Folk shuffles and country twinges pang alongside Hays’ acoustic plucking and a voice that effortlessly wavers between effervescence and quiet longing.”

– Zach Schepis,
NYC Break Thru Radio

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